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Solidarity Through Music

We are the Solidarity Squad

The Solidarity Squad is Canada's #1 Labour Band led by 2-time Juno Nominee 4 World Music Album of the Year - Ruben Esguerra.  We are a collective of audio & visual artists dedicated to using arts as a means to inspire, motivate and mobilize communities abroad. Our latest Album Collaboration '100 Years of Solidarity' Vol. II has won multiple local and international awards.

The Solidarity Squad is comprised of young artists specializing in an array of musical and visual art forms and have for years been performing at Non-Profit, Community, Union and corporate events individually and as a collective. Bring some energy to your events - book The Solidarity Squad! 

Looking for young and vibrant talent to infuse your event with some energy and passion and solidarity? The Solidarity Squad can help bring life to your events/projects.

We are constantly looking for artists and collectives interested in working together on future projects, events and/or campaigns.

It is our mission to use music to unite, inspire and celebrate solidarity. on social justice, labour and union issues.

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